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Cemlatex 1k is a polymer modified flexible cementi-tious water proofing membrane for wet areas like bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and other damp areas.

This highly cross-linked polymer coating possess a unique balance of tensile strength, elongation and hardness. This balance of physical properties contributes to its resistance to abrasion and tearing, and results in outstanding flexibility, wear and impact .


  • For Indoor use
  • Can be used for water proofing wet areas such as bathrooms, showers in both residential and commercial buildings
  • Can be used on moisture sensitive absorbent surfaces like wooden chipboards, plasters, plaster slabs, gypsum fibre boards
  • Can be used on absorbent mineral substrates like concrete, screed, render, aerated concrete, cementitious leveling compounds for walls.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent elongation and flexibility.
  • Non toxic and suitable for potable water.
  • Water Proof membrane that protects moisture sensitive substrates.
  • Easy to apply with brush or roller.
  • Excellent crack bridging and sealing qualities.
  • Can be applied to freshly hardened concrete .

Surface Preperation

Surface must be clean and sound, free of dust, loose particles, grease, oil primers from previous membrane systems or bitumen. Bitumen or primers should be re-moved by shot blasting or mechanical means. Spalled concrete should be repaired by cuffing to sound concrete and patching with Quickset Cemtec Plaster.

Mixing & Application

Cemlatex 1 K supplied in 10 kg pail should stirred well using slow speed drill machine fitted with a paddle before applying. Apply Cemlatex 1 K using a roller, spray gun or a brush over the entire area of the sur-face. The first coat should allowed to cure for a period of 2 - 3 Hrs before the second coat is applied. Apply the second coat in perpendicular direction to the first coat. After the second coat the membrane should be allowed to cure for a period of 6 — 8 Hrs before any physical disturbance. For highly porous surfaces a minimum of 3 coat is recommended.


10 m2/ 10 Kg set at 1 mm thickness in two coats. The actual coverage might depend upon the porosity and texture of the substrate.


Cemlatex 1 K should be protected from high wind, direct sunshine and rain until! fully cured. The first coat must be cured for 2 — 3 Hrs and the second coat shold be cured for 6 —8 Hrs.

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