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Cemlatex 2k is a two component , acrylic co-polymer based flexible cemetitious water proofing system.

This highly cross-linked polymer coating possess a unique balance of tensile strength, elongation and hardness. This balance of physical properties contributes to its resistance to abrasion and tearing, and results in outstanding flexibility, wear and impact .


Cemlatex 2k is suitable for water proofing applications 11 such as swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms, wet areas, basements, roof waterproofing system in damp conditions where other systems cannot be used, lift pits, etc. It can also be used as a backing coat for marble, stone and other mineral based cladding to protect against raising moisture.


  • Can be applied to freshly hardened concrete
  • Excellent elongation and flexibility
  • Non toxic, suitable for use in potable water tanks
  • Protection against carbonation and chlorides
  • Increased frost and salt resistance
  • Excellent for damp proofing basements
  • Exhibits crack bridging and sealing property
  • Easy to apply
  • Breathable coating
  • Excellent adhesion

Surface Preperation

Surface should be clean and sound, free of dust, loose particles, greas, oil primers from previous membrane systems or bitumen. Bitumen or primers should be re-moved by shot blasting or mechanical means. Spalled concrete should be repaired by cuffing to sound concrete and patching with Quickset Cemtec Plaster. It is recommended to use Cemtex tape at all critical such as intersections, corner joints, floor/wall junctions, gaps , peripheral areas of pipelines before the application of Cemlatex 2k.Prior to fixing the Cemtex tape, the gaps and corners should be filled and levelled with polymer modified Quickset Cemtec palster.


Cemlatex is supplied in Pre —measured units. Slowly add powder to the liquid in the ratio of 2:1 and using a slow speed drill machine fitted with a paddle, mix to a lump free smooth consistency. Do not rework a stiffened mix by adding more water . Only mix sufficient quantity of material that can be used with in 30 — 40 minutes.


Saturate the concrete surface with clean water. Apply the first coat while the surface is still damp with no free standing water. Apply using a short stiff bristle brush or roller at a minimum thickness of 1 mm per coat. After 2-6 hours, apply the second coat in perpendicular direction to the first coat. The second coat can be by rubbing down with a smooth sponge. Spray or trowel application is acceptable provided the mixing ratio the mixing ratio is adjusted to achieve the right consistency. It is recommended that for application over hollow blocks or highly porous areas, a minimum of 3 coats to a total thickness of 3mm be applied.

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