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CTA aka Cemtec Ceramic Tile Adhesive is a cement base thin bed the adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles on walls and floors. It is suitable for internal and external applications.

Ceramic Tile Adhesive is polymer modified cement base powder tile adhesive. It is grey coloured powder & as name suggest this product is most suitable for wall tiling on plastered wall & floor tiling on cementitious substrate by substituting conventional method of cement & sand.

Application Background

CTA is suitable for backgrounds such as cement plast-ers, renders, floor screeds and concrete. The background and tile must be clean, free from dust, deposits, sinter skin, form work oil and other contaminations which may affect adhesion.

Mixing & Application

CTA supplied in 25Kg bag has to be mixed with potable water only. Amount of water to be added is 6.25 Its per 25Kg bag (i.e. 25% by weight). Use a serrated trowel to control thickness. Do not spread more than 1 m2 at a time

Technical Data

  • Composition

    Ordinary Portland Cement, oven dried processed sand and chemical additives.

  • Binder

    Portland Cement

  • Aggregate Size

    0-0.5mm Processed Sand

  • Appearance

    Granular powder availble in Grey & White colours

  • Mixing Ratio

    6.25 Its water per 25 kg bag Water/Powder ratio = 0.25
  • Approx. Yield / Coverage

    32 ltrs. per 50 kg bag 2m2 per 50kg bag @ 15mm 17 Its per 25 kg bag 7.5m2 per 25kg bag @ 3mm Thickness 4.5m2 per 25 bag at 5mm Thickness

  • Density

    Wet : 1.8 kg/ltr - Dry : 1.7 kg/ltr

  • Compressive Strength

    15 N/mm2 @ 28 days

  • Flexural Strength

    3.0 N/mm2 @ 28 days

  • Pack Size

    25 kg paper bags

  • Shelf Life

    12 months from date of production when stored under dry conditions

  • Working Time

    Approx. 30 minutes

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