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Cemtec - General Purpose Cement Plaster (GPCP) is a Versatile Plaster or Multi Purpose Plaster. It is used as a dry premix cement plaster / render for internal and external use.

GPCP is a ideal substrate for paint, wall paper or decorative plasters. GPCP is a highly trusted product composed of Portland Cement processed sand and chemical additives.

Application Background

The fair faced concrete back ground should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, loose particles. The suction in the background of both fair faced concrete and block work should be neutralized. For fair faced concrete surface spray a coat of CEMTEC Bonding Rush Coat before applying GPCP.


GPCP supplied in 50 Kg bags has to be mixed with pota-ble water only in a clean plas-tic bucket or a metal tub. The amount of water to be added is 8.5 ltrs per 50 kg(i.e., approximately 17% by weight). Add GPCP to water, turn the contents of the bag care-fully and stir frequently. Once mixed allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again before applying. No further water should be added to the mix. Hard and set plaster should not be re-mixed or used.


  • First Coat:

    Mixed GPCP has to be applied to a thickness of 4 — 8 mm. A rough tex-ture has to be obtained ,to provide a mechanical key to the next coat. A minimum of 48 hours should elapse prior to the application of the second coat. Water curing is an absolute must during this period.

  • Second / Final Coat :

    The second coat is applied to a thick-Hess of 20mm and fin-ished by felting or floating.

Technical Data

  • Composition

    Portland Cement processed sand and chemical additives.

  • Binder

    Portland Cement

  • Aggregate Size

    3 mm Processed Sand

  • Appearance

    Granular Powder

  • Mixing Ratio

    8.5 Its water per 50 kg bag Water / Powder ratio = 0.17
  • Approx. Yield / Coverage

    32 ltrs. per 50 kg bag 2m2 per 50kg bag @ 15mm Thickness

  • Density

    Wet :1.78 kg/ltr - Dry :1.70 kg/Itr

  • Compressive Strength

    4.0 NI/mm2 @ 28 days

  • Flexural Strength

    1.0 Nimm2 @ 28 days

  • Pack Size

    50 kg paper bags

  • Shelf Life

    12 months from date of production when stored under dry conditions

  • Working Time

    Approx. 30 minutes

  • Curing

    Minimum 48 hrs by potable water

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