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Fit Bond SBR is used as a bonding agent between old concrete and new concrete, ce-mentitious plasters, renders etc. It is used to increase water tightness of renders to be applied on internal and external walls, basements, swimming pools, water tanks, tunnels, underpasses, sludge tanks etc.

Fit Bond SBR is a styrene butadiene rubber based bonding aid and additive for mortars, renders and con-crete.

  • Increases water tightness
  • Improves flexural & tensile strength
  • Reduces porosity
  • Reduces shrinkage

Application Method

  • Surface Preperation:

    Surfaces should be clean, sound, free of dust, loose particles, grease, oil, etc. Residu-al primers from previous membrane systems, bitumen should be removed by suit-able mechanical means. Absorbent surfaces should be saturated thoroughly with water. Avoid ponding. Exposed rebar should be cleaned to a bright condition by grit or sandblasting.


  • As a Bonding Slurry Coat:

    As per recommended dosage, add Fit Bond SBR to premea-sured quantity of water in a suitable container and stir well .Add cement slowly and mix well using a slow speed drill machine fitted with a paddle.

  • As an additive:

    Manual mixing is not recommended. Preferably a forced action mixer or slow speed drill with a paddle should used. Weigh the cement (and sand where re-quired) into the mixer and dry blend together for a minute. With the machine in oper-ation, add the pre-mixed Fit Bond SBR and clean water. Continue mixing for 3 minutes to ensure complete dispersal into the sand —cement mix. Make only small adjustment to the quantity of clean water but do not significantly exceed the dosage shown below. Mix until homogenous material is obtained. Mixing proportions differ for mor-tars screeds and renders. CEMTEC technical team will assist in this regard.


  • As a neat Bonding Agent:

    Stir the FitBnd SBR well & apply using brush, roller or spray on the prepared surface. Ensure that the material is spread evenly on the surface. Subsequent material to be bonded should be placed while FitBond SBR is still tacky.

  • As a Bonding Slurry Coat:

    Apply slurry bonding coat made up of FitBond SBR, water and cement in the ratio of 1:1:1 by weight using brush or roller.

  • As an additive:

    FitBond SBR modified mortars, toppings and renders must be well compacted on the prepared substrate by trowel. Exposed steel reinforcement should be completely encapsulated by the mortar. FitBond SBR modified mortars can be ap-plied at a thickness of 6mm to 40mm. Where thick sections in excess of 40mm are to be built-up, the surface of the intermediate layers should be keyed and printed.


FitBond SBR modified cementitious systems should be cured just after initial setting with water or with a suitable curing agent form Jet Cure range of curing compounds.


As a neat bonding agent: 5 - 7 m2 /1 tr/coat . Actual coverage depends on texture and porosity of substrate. As an additive for tiles adhesives, beding mortars, sand -cement renders, plasters and screeds, the dosage may vary from 10 to 20 % by weight of cement.

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