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With the SolidBlock range of Dense and Lightweight Aggregate Blocks from CEMTEC, you are assured to find the building solution you need. Our blocks can be used with confidence in a wide variety of internal and external applications. Our quality assured manufac-ture ensures that SolidBlock units are of a consistent and superior quality to meet all the standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Have versatility to be used in a wide variety of internal & external application.
  • Allows use above and below the ground, where strength and durability are prime considerations.
  • Typically used in cavity or solid wall constructions, they are also ideal for use in internal load bearing walls and Floor Beam and Block Floor system.
  • Have excellent sound insulation and air permeabili-ty properties .
  • Provide an excellent key for secondary finishes and fixings.
  • Inherent thermal mass acts as a heat store .

Product Specifications

  • Category.

    Aggregate Concrete Masonry Unit

  • Dimensional Tolerances.

    Category D1 (+3mm, -5mm) Flatness No Performance Determined Plane Parallelism No Performance Determined

  • Compressive Strength.

    Mean 7.3 N/mm2, 10.4 N/mm2, 17.5 N/mm2 Other strengths available on application

  • Moisture Movement Coefficient.

    =< 0.5 mm/m 0

  • Bond Strength.

    Fixed Value, 0.15N/mm2

  • Reaction to Fire.

    Class Al

  • Water Absorption.

    No Performance Determined

  • Water Vapour Permeability.


  • Gross Dry Density.

    2300 kg/m3

  • Net Dry Density.

    2300 kg/m3

  • Thermal Conductivity.

    Int, 1.29 W/mK Ext, 1.38 W/mK

  • Durability Against Freeze - THAW.

    No Performance Determined

  • Dangerous Substances.

    Information on dangerous substances will only be given when and where required and in the appropriate form.


At CEMTEC our environment matters, and the thermal mass of our Solid Block range not only could reduce the need for air-conditioning in the summer but could also reduce the consumption of winter heating fuel by capturing solar gains.

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